Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 I have moments in life, random moments, when I just catch a glimpse of something that I know will be a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life ( I know it as soon as I experience it). These are little things, like the look on my daughters face when I disappointed her because I didn’t read her a book, a glimpse of a deer tail jumping into the woods this morning, looking at the moonlight shining off of a white fence as our car drove by the few minutes before pulling into the ER to deliver my son, my father smiling widely across the table at a restaurant, noticing a leaf bug (one of those really cool looking leaf look alikes) under my car- one bright green color on a dark and dreary pavement; painting over a picture my sister drew for me and regretting it immediately;  making out to a full Scorpions Album (this moment was a little longer than a “glimpse”).  These little moments are imprinted into my mind and continue coming back to me, days, weeks, months, years after they happened.  These moments are a mix of failures, regrets, happiness, and simple observation.  Somehow with all the chaos of life, these are the moments that come back to me when I lay there at night thinking, these are the things that are in or on my mind when I remind myself to be grateful, and somehow all the things that pissed me off this week or last month are not part of them.  I often wonder why is it that it was this specific event that I remembered, why not the many others I try to remember but can’t. I guess that these are the little glimpses that shape who I am and my choices or should I say my choices shape the glimpses of who I am…chicken or the egg?

P.S. Sorry all, just having PMS…very sensitive today.

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