Monday, November 26, 2012

Bad movie...

Yesterday, I made the mistake of watching another completely idiotic movie all the way to the end.  I always do this, I hope...and hope...and continue to hope that the movie will get better and the end will make up for the two hours of my life that I have completely wasted watching pure crap.  The only merit I can give the movie is that it started off pretty well, mysterious, funny, almost like the beginning of a good airport bought detective novel...and then it just went downhill.  Therefore I can summarize my evening as glued to a movie filled with aliens eating people to take over the earth basing their invasion from a Costco in Ohio. Anyone, like me, who has mindlessly tortured themselves to sit through the end will know exactly what movie im talking about. 

If you're wondering...yes, I did loose brain cells in the experience. The lousy part is that no matter how hard I will try to forget, every movie I watch latches itself to a small part of my memory. The good and the bad, the scary and the funny, the romantic and the tragic are all in a way a mini part of my life. For example, the movie (terribly depressing but deep) "The House of Sand and Fog" always comes back to me, I can relate to some of the scenes of family or mistakes or feelings that were portrayed...or "The Visitor" (just an awesome movie) about an unlikely friendship about a typical American working man with an illegal middle eastern immigrant, totally different lives and such a cool combination of friendship through music...and after all that my thoughts still have to revert to aliens taking over Costco.

I always wonder why I do that to myself. Why can't I just turn off the TV, look away, stop watching! It's like an accident, is it my sick morbid curiosity, stubbornness, laziness, persistence, idealism? I guess every single one of these adjectives can be used as an excuse to my decision and in fact each scenario played out in my mind while I sat and stared...

Scenario 1 Stubbornness:  "the movie said comedy so I will continue watching until I think its funny."

Scenario 2 Laziness: "the remote is over there, changing the channel would mean getting fact I think I needed to pee for a half an hour now...oh well."

Scenario 3 Persistence: "I want to sleep, my head hurts, this movie sucks, but by my nature I will finish what I started! "(this scenario sounds almost heroic)

Scenario 4 Idealism: "Maybe in the next scene, they will show something nice...I'll keep watching"

The sad moral of my little rant is if the commercial looks bad...JUST DON'T WATCH IT! Sadly, it is the end of my post and I am still talking about this movie, when will it end?

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