Thursday, November 15, 2012


It’s one of those days today. Just a simple, don’t want to get out of bed, just want to look out the window see the sun and frost, and not hurry day. Only one problem, its not the weekend. I looked at my alarm, I know that I have to wake up the kids, cook breakfast, take them to daycare, and get to work…but wow…this this is like pulling teeth today…my inner lazy voice is SO loud…its not just whispering “five more minutes”, but shouting “TAKE THE DAY OFF!”. So on days like this, when I know I can’t succumb to the sweet lazy commands, here is my advice in dragging my butt out of bed:

1)   Agree to disagree: Succumb to the 5 more minute whisper but make a resolution that this is as far as you go.
2)   Start to think of food: I start getting so mouthwateringly hungry for breakfast that I can’t stand to lay in bed one more minute
3)    Momentum: I know that once my feet hit the floor, then momentum takes over and I begin to run on overdrive…routine, brush teeth, get ready, kids, coffee, cook, car…everyone knows their drill and can do it with their eyes closed. Just think to yourself “feet on the floor”.
4)   Think Nike: “Just do it”.

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