Monday, December 17, 2012

Terrible News...

I have no words to express my thoughts on the terrible Connecticut shooting. As a mother, my whole soul aches for the families that experienced the loss of their child.  The pictures of each victim shows their innocence, their potential, their whole-hearted love for life and  makes watching the news unbearable.  To all those thoughts are with you, there is nothing that will make this event less tragic, this is irreversible and soul-wrenching, and I pray that you will find the support you need to cope.

Although this event has taken the issue of gun-control to the forefront and everyone has an opinion on whether its bad or good, or whether there should be restrictions, and so on and so on...what we fail to realize is that this debate, regardless of the event, will take time to actualize.  I am more concerned about putting the protections in place for our children NOW rather than putting all the efforts into a debate that may (or may not) change the situation in the future. I believe that every school, elementary, middle, high, college should have gun detectors and security as a mandatory part of its operations. We pay taxes every year to the district and as a taxpayer I want to know that my money is going to support a school where I feel my children will be safe. I want to know that there will be security at each school that can stop the problem at the source. I am tiered of hearing of reactionary responses rather than inputting proactive steps to prevent this from happening in the future. Yes, people will argue with me that changing the law is proactive, but as a person that has worked with the government, I know that this will be a dragged out process.  Simple adjustments to school safety like detectors, security, door-locking policies would be some very important steps that can be taken quickly. School shootings have happened too many times, its tragic and terrible, and we CAN take steps to protect our children knowing that these events occur.

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