Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I read a quote yesterday that said “Winners find a way and losers find a reason” and it somehow just struck a chord that continued to echo and resonate.  I realized quickly how many reasons I find throughout the day to justify why things go wrong. I have been a “finger-pointer” so many times throughout life, when all the while I have preached that I loathe others that do the same thing. 

I think I repeated this phrase 20 times today and its only 9am :). Somehow the though seems to drive me. I am competitive by nature and thinking with that type of drive seems to help clear my head and allows me to plan things out, make my goals realistic, make my problems miniscule and easy to handle, and even gives me a bit of room to think bigger.

For today, for this week, for this month...I will make the phrase my mantra. 

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